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Optimal Planning is a firm offering independent financial advice.  Our clients are in Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset and London.  We offer comprehensive financial planning services with a breadth of expert knowledge.
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What makes Optimal Planning different?

We are entirely client-focused because we work exclusively on a fee basis.

If you take advice from a Financial Adviser who is working on a commission basis, he will only get paid if he sells you financial products.  He is focused primarily on the transaction, not on the strategy and not on you.  This can lead to a conflict of interest - if you would like advice surrounding e.g. your existing pension plans, he can only be compensated by moving them to another contract, although your existing contract may be entirely suited to your objectives.  We feel that the only ethical and unbiased manner for a Financial Planner to operate is within the context of a written fee agreement.

Our standard fee agreement incorporates regular reviews.

A financial plan is of limited benefit if not reviewed regularly. Taxation rules change, your own situation and even your objectives change.  Progress toward your objectives should be monitored and alterations made as appropriate.  The ‘Terms of Business’ of most Independent Financial Advisers state that your situation will not be reviewed unless you make a specific request for this to be done.  Many of these advisers will be taking ongoing commission or fees from existing financial products they arranged for you, yet give you no ongoing service in return.  Optimal Planning clients prefer to get value for their money.

The quality of our advice

At Optimal Planning, you can be assured of Financial Planning services that meet international standards.  Catherine Briers is a Certified Financial Planner professional.  We adhere to the UK's 'Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments' code of ethics and professional practice.  There are many Independent Financial Advisers who have been working for years with only the minimum entry-level qualifications for the industry.  If you prefer to entrust your financial wellbeing to a Financial Planner who has demonstrated a commitment to develop their knowledge, ask which Advanced Qualifications are held.