Care Fees Planning

Care Fees Planning

You (or your Attorneys/Protectors) are challenged with managing your income and assets to ensure continuity of care in your preferred setting.  Additionally, you seek to preserve your Estate for the next generation.

We find that the need for financial planning is of considerable importance to those clients needing care.  In many cases, regular income is insufficient to meet the cost of care and the most prudent use of other assets has to be considered.  In other cases there is sufficient income, but the need for succession planning becomes a greater priority.

Balancing needs and objectives

There are often conflicting objectives for clients when considering how care should be funded - a desire for the best care possible contrasts with a wish to preserve assets for the benefit of the next generation.  In the midst of this, we also need to consider the implications for taxation and State Benefits.

It is essential that those receiving care and their families have peace of mind in knowing that care can be maintained in their preferred setting.  Long Term Care plans are just one of the tools that can be used to match the resources available to the fees.  Optimal Planning has expertise not just in the area of Care Fees planning, but also in the related areas of Inheritance Tax, Trusts and Investment Portfolio Management.

Regular reviews

Of crucial importance is the Optimal Planning regular review service.  Other firms, which focus on a commission-led transaction rather than their client, may recommend a Long Term Care plan and never review their client's situation again.  At Optimal Planning, we understand your concerns:

  • Care fees don’t always rise in the manner assumed at outset

  • Pension and investment income varies over time

  • Any increase in care requirements will increase costs

  • Tax and legislation changes may impact upon fees


Our reviews will assess any changes required for your care fees and the other areas of your financial strategy that we have developed with you.