Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Planning ahead for retirement

You want to know how to achieve financial independence and how soon you can get there.  Financial independence is the stage when you can live off your accrued assets without needing to work. 

We can work with you to establish your retirement objectives and develop a financial plan to achieve them.  Ongoing advice will be crucial to ensuring you keep on track.

At retirement

You need to know how to use all your assets to best effect to provide you with your income and capital needs during retirement.  The obvious option may not be the most suitable.  You may stop work now, or phase into retirement over a few years.

We use our investment and tax planning expertise to ensure you make the most of your assets upon retirement.

In retirement

You have stopped work completely and need continuing advice on how to manage your assets to meet your income and capital needs.  You may also now be requiring advice on Estate Planning and Care Fees Planning.

Your situation may well be quite different now to the situation at the start of your retirement.  Plans you made in your 50's and 60's may need to be adapted to suit.  We work with you to take action as your circumstances change.

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